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Our institution realizes that in any country, the people are its greatest asset. In addition to the health of the nation, the talents and skills of individuals must be utilized so that the population as a whole would benefit. It is here that The College of Ultrasound Sciences aims to make a difference, by providing a quality diagnostic healthcare programme to enhance the manpower availability of persons in this highly skilled area of Medical Technology. This would ensure continuity in the provision of service to the community and consistent improvement in the overall healthcare of the population of Trinidad and Tobago.

Why study at cous

Academic facilities in place- COUS houses state of the art faculties to train students in ultrasound technology and leads the way in the area of storage and retrieval of clinical information

Physical facilities in place- COUS has is a state of the art learning institution that boasts of the perfect environment for study, The College houses classroom, up to date library and computer room, student lounge and A- class restaurant all located on the school  compound

Institution is part of a viable entity The College of ultrasound sciences works in collaboration with the Arima Diagnostic Clinic. The Clinic has long since been a recognized leading health facility in Trinidad and Tobago and is synonymous with best health care practices.

Medical ultrasound is a rapidly developing technology and has come a long way since the early days when its use was  mainly in obstetrics. Today ultrasound images  anatomy , evaluates physiology and also measures blood flow in almost all areas of the human body.  In addition ultrasound equipment is becoming smaller and less expensive.


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